Amazing Grass Partners with Jenna Bush Hager to challenge you to “get your greens”



For many Americans, the old “eat your fruits and veggies” food guideline rings in their ears as they make ambitious changes in the New Year. We probably all remember the old days of walking down a street corner with some kind of fruit or vegetable. For those of you who are currently confused about how to get your recommended eight daily servings, there’s a ready-made solution. Amazing Grass – the leading greens brand and part of Glanbia Performance Nutrition – is dedicated to making consuming whole fruits and vegetables easy and convenient. Organic, nutrient-dense Amazing Grass Greens Blend powder can be easily added to water for on-the-go, or added to smoothies or recipes to sneak in your greens throughout the day.

With only 10 percent of Americans eating eight servings of fruits and vegetables a day1, Amazing Grass is launching a nationwide call to action urging consumers to “Buy your greens.” This winter, supermom and TV personality Jenna Bush Hager will share her personal journey to go green with Amazing Grass on Instagram @jennabhager, sharing nutrition tips and healthy habits.

“I’m excited to be partnering with Amazing Grass as it challenges Americans to be ‘Get Your Greens,'” Bush Hager said. “As a busy, working mother of three, I turned to Amazing Grass for a simple solution to support proper nutrition every day, even when I was on the go. Make this simple part of my daily routine It’s amazing how much better I feel after choosing, which is why I want to challenge more Americans to discover the nutrients in Amazing Grass Greens Blend to boost their health.”

As part of the national “Get Your Greens” challenge, Jenna Bush Hager and Amazing Grass are giving away 250 free Amazing Grass Greens mixes to consumers who want to join the movement to increase their fruit and vegetable servings. To get a free Greens Blend product, visit the Get Your Greens Instagram post on one of two pages – @AmazingGrass or @jennabhager, then use the hashtag #GetYourGreens to share a fun or poignant fruit or vegetable flip story from the past.

“The realistic path to health starts with how we eat and making sure we’re consuming nutrients that support nutritional balance, digestive health and the immune system,” said Erica Morris, Brand Director, Amazing Grass and Glanbia Performance Nutrition (GPN) .

“Through this exciting partnership with Jenna Bush Hager and amazing consumer giveaways from Amazing Grass, we hope ‘Get Your Greens’ will help people integrate their fruits and vegetables in an easy-to-implement way Fortify nutrients and help them feel great years and beyond.”

Amazing Grass Greens Blend is gluten-free, formulated with no added sugar, rich in fiber to support digestive health, and rich in vitamins C and K to boost immunity. Amazing Grass Greens Blend is available in a variety of flavors and adjuncts, each providing at least one serving of whole fruits and vegetables, carefully blended for nutrition and convenience. It’s easy to scoop into a water bottle, stir it into a drink, or blend it into a smoothie, making it the on-the-go solution for every type of on-the-go lifestyle. Each product is plant-based, certified organic, and made with non-GMO ingredients to provide your body with whole food nutrition.


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