Advanced orthomolecular research shares expert advice on heart health



In consolidation with Heart Health Awareness, AOR took the month of February to dive into the importance of the body’s primary organ and tips for optimizing its functions. In the U.S., Heart disease (or CVD) is the leading cause of death for men and women, and in 2019 accounted for 32% of the global death toll. These numbers may sound frightening, but with proper education and attention, lowering the risk of heart disease is a goal we can all achieve.
Dr. NavNirat Nibber ND, the host of AOR’s podcast, Supplementing Health, sat down with two experts to discuss best practices for maintaining good heart health.

Diet seems to play a role in all things health & wellness, and this is especially true for our body’s main generator. Michelle Routhenstein, ND, CDE, CDN joins the discussion to provide thoughtful insight on ways to replace bad habits and prevent harmful ones from snowballing over time:

“Plaque formation is not something you just get overnight. It happens over years and decades, but it doesn’t present itself until later… If you’re constipated or you aren’t having good effective bowel movements, there’s a likely chance that things are getting stuck in the arteries…This is a lifestyle change; this isn’t a diet you do for a couple of months to see results and then go on your merry way because heart disease is a progressive disease.”

Understanding that taking the time to create and implement a heart-healthy routine can be intimidating, the pillars in beginning a health journey can be found with a heartfelt commitment to self-care and a simple deep breath. Joy McCarthy, the best-selling author and health expert, shares her tips on taking the stress out of dieting and the power of breathing:

“There are so many benefits of box breathing…When you slow down your breathing rate, you slow down your heart rate, so this is long-term better for your cardiovascular health. Just noticing that your mind is going off into those monkey brain thoughts again and then bringing it back to your breath and bringing it back to your home base is progress…Meal Prepping, meal planning is so beneficial because it takes the complication out of eating.”


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